Fille’s crazy cooking adventures

Once upon a time there were two gallerists living it up in the Brussels art scene, a place where you’d be able to find mr Fransen sipping champagne while he’s off duty. They asked the kind gentleman if he would love to cook for their pop-up gallery opening.

Having catered gallery openings before and admiring the girls ambitions Filip said yes, but only if he could have the freedom to pull a performance the visitors won’t easily forget. He kind of gets tired of routine jobs.


The two girls said YES Filip. You know we love you, we love what you do, we love you doing the things you do.

Do what you want to do


So there it was.

He dreamed of performing a dinnershow dedicated to the culinary scene’s regained obsession in the workings of bacterial foods. Creating a menu entirely linked to bacteria, death and decay. For the cherry on top of the pie Fille took the idea and risk at heart to cook a whole animal right inside a fuming hot heap of city waste compost.





The menu

Starter: 12 hour old fresh cheese made with the help of compost heat. Hanging above what seemed like the earth at the end of the world. Served with kefir pickled radishes + pickled carrots converted into a cream.

Starter2: rotten leaves, moss & tree bark tea with mushrooms

Mains: a lamb cooked in a compost pile for 24 hours, garnished with fatty and sulfuric greens, kale and a fermented anchovy sauce.

Dessert: to call it a day he served simple but deliciously refreshing blood orange sorbet with star anise cream and meringue. No cheese this time 😉 It would have been too much to handle.

performance video from Seeing The Brick